At New Generation Labs, it is our commitment to educate our clients on the benefits of proper supplementation. Due to the hectic life most of us lead, New Generation Labs has developed high quality comprehensive nutritional products that are easy to take within the course of a busy day.
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IMMUPRO™ - $39.95
The strongest anti-oxidant formula on the market today with over 120 scientific studies.
ROPEX - $39.95
A highly effective men's sexual support formula.
VITAPRO™ Super Nutrient Complex - $22.95
A multivitamin/mineral formula with Antioxidants, Enzymes, Fruit & Vegetable extracts and more.
Biogenica Coral Calcium - $16.50
The highest grade coral calcium from Okinawa
1,800 mg per serving. 
Biogenica BIO - $24.95
The Ocean's answer to good health. BIO offers 72 trace minerals harvested from the Great Salt Lake. Just ad a few drops to your beverage. 99% Sodium free.
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